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Studies on Inclutions and Pollen Vitality of Tobacco Pollen at Different Developmental Stages  

Jie Xu , Lei Pan , Yunsong Chen , Shengbin Deng , Jianghai Xiao , Wenguang Ma
Yuxi Zhongyan Tobacco Seed Company, Yuxi, 653100, P.R. China
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Biological Evidence, 2021, Vol. 11, No. 1   
Received: 01 Sep., 2020    Accepted: 01 Oct., 2020    Published: 13 Jan., 2021
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In order to investigate the changes in the inclusions and pollen vitality of tobacco pollen at different developmental stages, K326 fresh anther was used as the material to determine the soluble sugar, soluble starch, soluble protein, total amino acid, proline, fresh and dry matter, ATPase activity and pollen vitality of pollen at different developmental stages. The results showed that the dry matter accumulation of tobacco pollen was mainly completed in Stage 5 and before, and the material conversion process inside the pollen was mainly carried out after Stage 5, and during this process, the anthers would be partially dehydrated, improving the pollen’s resistance to drying and adapt to the external environment. The pollen vitality in fresh anther was detected by vitro-germination method, and it was found that the pollen vitality appeared when the corolla became white and swelled, and the tip appeared red; And it would reach the maximum when the anthers were just cracked, and the powder was loose. The content of soluble sugar and soluble starch showed an "N" growth change, and the total amino acid content showed an "S" type growth change. The soluble protein content decreased first and then increased, and the proline content increased first and then decreased.ATPase activity is generally at a relatively high level, and it increases significantly when pollen matures. It can be seen that soluble sugar, soluble starch, soluble protein, total amino acid content and ATPase activity have positive effects on pollen vitality.

Tobacco pollen; Pollen vitality; Inclusions
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Biological Evidence
• Volume 11
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