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Genomics and Applied Biology (GAB) has no external editorial board. Instead, global recognized scientists in this field are invited to be as peer reviewers. All editorial decisions are made by an editorial team of full-time professional editors at BioSciPublisher in British Columbia of Canada.
Senior Academic Editor: Francis Burke (
Managing Director: Annie Nyu  (
Publishing Editor: Jessi J Zhang (
Illustrator: Sinoca Publishing Service
It is our unswerving aim to make GAB the world's most outstanding publishing platform for academic journals in Genomics and Applied Biology, and peer-review is the most important for improving the quality of the work that we published. So here we’d like to express our special gratitude for those peer-reviewers who have done excellent review(s) for us:
Shenkui Liu, Professor, Alkali Soil Natural Environmental Science Center (ASNESC), Northeast Forestry University, China
Research interest: abiotic stresses; salt-tolerant reed plants; gene responsive to alkaline stress; mitochondrial ATP synthase small subunit gene
Yoshiyuki Murata, Ph.D., Division of Bioscience, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University, Japan
Research interest: stress-responsive genes; methylglyoxal inhibition; signal integration mechanism