BioPublisher is now available online
Published:09 Sep.2010    Source:BioPublisher

BioPublisher, an international publisher, is operated by Sophia Publishing Group (SPG), which  is a multilingual publisher based British Columbia in Canada.

BioPublisher is an open access publishing platform for biological researches, who committed itself to establishing open access bio-journals and making contributions to the R & D of biotechnology.

Realizing the fact that internet is becoming an increasingly significant medium, BioPublisher adopts the open access publishing model, which takes full advantage of this medium. All the articles published are open access, which means that they are freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication for any third party to read, download, copy, distribute, and use (with attribution) in any medium.

The traditional subscription-based model relies on restricting access to published research in order to recoup the costs of the publication process, which greatly limit the dissemination of research results and the development in scientific fields. Believing that open access provides a viable alternative that better fits the needs of the scientific community, BioPublisher encourages researchers to publish their research work in the open access publishing model, which facilitate the rapid distribution and efficient communication of research findings.