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Bioinformatics Analysis of YABBY Gene Family in Punica granatum L.  

Shenglong  Li , Xiaojing  Li
Key Laboratory for Research and Utilization of Characteristic Biological Resources in Southern Yunnan, College of Life Science and Technology, Honghe University, Mengzi, 661100, China
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Computational Molecular Biology, 2022, Vol. 12, No. 3   
Received: 14 Feb., 2022    Accepted: 27 Mar., 2022    Published: 19 Apr., 2022
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YABBY gene family, which is plant-specific transcription factor and characterized with a N-terminal C2C2 type zinc finger domain and a C-terminal YABBY domain, plays important roles in leaf and fruit development, floral organogenesis, and secondary metabolism as well. Here, six PgYABBYs were identified in pomegranate genome and were divided into five subfamilies. The expression patterns of PgYABBYs were examined in different cultivars and organs, it was suggested that PgYABBYs are involved in the fruit development of pomegranate. Moreover, RNA-seq analysis showed that PgYAB2 might negatively regulate the peel and seed development, PgINO might be a negative regulator in the development of outer seed coat, and PgFIL might be involved in controlling the seed firmness through regulating the genes related to lignin or hemicelluloses biosynthesis. Collectively, our results represent a comprehensive genome-wide study of the YABBY gene family, which should be helpful in further detailed studies on the YABBY genes function related to fruit development in pomegranate.
Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.); YABBY gene family; Fruit development

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Computational Molecular Biology
• Volume 12
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