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Comparative Study of Carbon Cycling in Tropical Forests: An Analysis of Productivity and Efficiency from West Africa to the Amazon  

Josselynn F
Hainan Institute of Tropical Agricultural Resources, Sanya, 572024
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Journal of Energy Bioscience, 2024, Vol. 15, No.   
Received: 01 Jan., 1970    Accepted: 01 Jan., 1970    Published: 06 May, 2024
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The paper "Contrasting carbon cycle along tropical forest aridity gradients in West Africa and Amazonia" was published in the journal Nature Communications on April 11, 2024, by authors Huanyuan Zhang-Zheng, Stephen Adu-Bredu, Akwasi Duah-Gyamfi, et al., from the Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom, and the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Kumasi, Ghana, among other institutions. The research presented contrasts carbon cycle dynamics along tropical forest aridity gradients in West Africa and Amazonia. This study offers a comprehensive field assessment of carbon budgets in multiple forest sites in Africa by monitoring one-hectare plots along an aridity gradient in Ghana, compared to an equivalent gradient in Amazonia. The findings suggest notable differences in productivity and carbon use efficiency between these regions, challenging existing models that have underrepresented African tropical forests' productivity.

Contrasting carbon cycle; Tropical forest aridity gradients; West Africa and Amazonia

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Journal of Energy Bioscience
• Volume 15
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